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Video: Best Spearfishing Film - One Fish Going East


Description: Buy Now: (Best selling Spearfishing DVD of 2012) Visit our channel for more great videos: Onefish Going East is a NEW spearfishing adventure film from the makers of the best seller 'Onefish' This time In The Zone Productions has taken a slightly different angle on their movie making style, with strong images, fantastic new heart stopping effects and loads of non stop action. You will see some of the most spectacular filming ever accomplished of spearfishing action and encounter new revolutionary In The Zone Effects. Going East is an epic tale about Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari, a passionate Spearfisherman from the 'East' who lives and breathes spearfishing. He is fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world looking for that trophy fish. This film includes 5 years of breathtaking stock footage. Starting the journey deep within the abundant waters of Qatar where Mohammed shoots monster fish like Amberjack, and Cobia. Then to Sounth Africa were Mohammed meets up with Chris Coates and the ITZ team for an adventure of a lifetime in search of that 'Onefish'. This is spearfishing that dreams are made of. If you liked "Onefish' then this is an absolute must for your collection. Visit

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Duration: 6.88 mins

Views: 2,696,401

Fantastic spearfishing video. Ch0plol

Seems brutal Xie leigh

what happened to all those fish corpses? Fillios Odonoju

I couldn't do this it's unfair, fish don't know how to fear humans like most creatures do. chr8me

whats the song trucidotk

AMAZING mistralin1

he could have taken atleast 2 fish at one hit! mahasajan

I would love to Hunt the Hunters. would not eat them though, just feed em to the wildlife. Funny how HUNT rhymes with CUNT. Sorry for the language but........ meandgyp

omg sadsa AHT Documenta

Great spearfishing video!!! Alex Perez

One day I wish I spear your brain !!!!! munira alzahrani

Dumb ass people are complaining cause they think that a bunch of fish were killed on the spot when it clearly says in the beginning that those hunts and all the fish killed were filmed in the course of **5 YEARS** and they were used for eating so they weren't wasted and they weren't killed disrespectfully. -People need to stop and read before posting up stupid comments and making assumptions Owin Hernandez

The comments on this video are so dumb this man has been diving for years he can probably hold his breathe judging by the depth for around 4 to 6 minutes the average person can hold for about 35 to 40 seconds. To get a 4 minute breath hold you have to practically devote your life to spearfishing. What im saying is he doesnt just go out on the weekend and kill fish he loves the ocean it can take 10 years for that type of breath hold. I love this sport and when you have a few 1000 people ranting over one man's ability to catch say 40 fish in a 5 year span weighing say 250 kg Look at Tuna netting which usually in one hit can pull in 100s of Tonnes (1000kg) of Tuna and they do not eat it they sell it straight away But as soon as you see a guy on youtube spearing fish everyone becomes an activist against killing anyliving thing wake up to yourselves and dont be such sheep, go and complain to the companies that put food on your plate if you really care but then again in the interest of self preservation all of a sudden you dont care about the environment anymore. Wake up let us live our lives you live yours. No bodies perfect Aaron Tuwhakaraina

the music sucks David Moyster

Can anyone please name the music track used? Thanks. Andrew Birch

This isnt fishing lol it hunting haha jordan hill

It is brutal  munira alzahrani

To all the dumbass people complaining about the fish not being eaten or the amount of fish killed in this video. This video was a compilation of multiple hunts that couldve have taken a year to tape, dont be so quick to judge and if you dont like it than why the fuck are you watching this... stupid fucking jesus freaks ahahah Cam Scott

You're all soft TheSpearChuckah

I don't understand why kill so many fish one or two would have been enough to feed the family I hope he's not just killing them for the sport of it Alfonso Zambrano

twixtor?  EJ Vitta

man is morbid creature TheKovjaBre

The name lf the song is levitate ismaelmt1

Human logic :" Hey a beautiful creature.....better kill it" Muay Wub

Nice... killing living beings who trust you and not see you as a threat just to sell your stupid DVD's... Staby Illo