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Video: Frank Marino - Red House Solo - Dallas


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Description: As you fans know, he can (and does) play it all. This is Frank in a blue mood. Nice throaty blues tone outta that '61 LP SG. Little Hendrijian wailing at the end.

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Duration: 5.07 mins

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nothing better than knocking the roof off to see the whole sky is blue!!!!!!! Randall Landfair

But Hendrix is my favourite. darrren61

RULER!!! THANK"S MAN!!! See him if you can. Frank is AMAZING!!! munchkinsozland

I had the privilege to witness Frank backing up (drum roll)....Stevie Ray at Jarry park in Montreal June 9 1990 or 91.How can I forget that night.SRV just lost his father.Both of them gave a f...g show.I love Frank's sound z7fan

AOUUUUUUUUUCH ,what a great lover of Jimi.Who ever stated white men can't blues is wrong. The sound is too cranked , that's the only flat vibe Berleb

Great in terms of the accolades he so rightfully deserves! They'll (guitar mags) put anyone with a hit song on the cover, but Frank always gets reduced to a byline. Frank is one of the top greatest five blues-rockers ever, but has yet to received the credit due to his playing because he is outside the mainstream! stonepolismusic

A player that is very underrated by many guitarists (in UK anyway). He has great technical command that goes unnoticed cos he plays mainly blues-rock, where technique isn't always the main concern. Claymor

First saw Frank Marino in 1978. To date, Every kid who plays the guitar that I have introduced Frank to, have become instant fans. Trust me, the kids know good stuff when they hear it! Thank God!!!!! wannabehendrix

stormy monday funghighlsd25records

This is Marino usually is. stickysweetsuckers

Crank the Frank!!!! Blewline67

Saw them both, Frank is faster,but the effects started to grind a bit after a while.SRV had a totally clean sound and a better vibrato and i think he wrote better songs,but both good gigs. darrren61

Frank "Scorched the Earth" with that piece of brilliance and with Tone too! It must be even more amazing in its entirety... Truth-In-Media-Politics-Corruption-Entertainment-Music-Hypocrisy-Propaganda-History-PopCulture

Frank Marino is one of my heros along with the many great blues players. God did the right thing when he provided the world with people who can play the blues on guitar. belladons

when ever i start to lose my faith in mankind; i come to a frank marino youtube video and marvel at how many people there are out there who know quality when they see it afterall.god bless you people, you give me strenth to csrry on roman14032

5 stars for a star merci Frank Marinacoeur

there was a time he played I think it was roanoke Virginia the wammy bar went limp so he went into little town of bethlaham while the stage hands fixed the wammy bar and didnt miss a beat Ridane2005

under rated? where i come from frank marino has been concidered the best electric guitarist in the world for over 30 years roman14032

That looks like one of brian mays guitars standing in the background. bikerpeavey

A men to that brother!! My favorite live shows have been witnessing this guitar maestro/monster melt the stage something fierce! dieselboy64

i love man. you must come to Portugal 25deabrilsempre

I have to agree with you Garry Roy on Frank's technical prowess, diversity in styles and all-around command of his instrument and music. I love SRV's music and saw SRV live 2x and both times came away disappointed. Maybe it was a low point in his career, but he just couldn't sustain the energy and anyone who doubts Frank's songwriting has to go back to the 70's and listen to Child of the Novelty, Strange Universe, Mahogany Rush IV and World Anthem recordings - Truth-In-Media-Politics-Corruption-Entertainment-Music-Hypocrisy-Propaganda-History-PopCulture

Brian May and Frank Marino in same sentence. Not..... BM couldn't even carry Franks guitar case....... havanakim

not sure what guitar he is playing but i wonder what i wonder what that would sound like with a semi hollow 2468oldschooltimes

Damn, Normandie Theatre, Two Mountains Quebec, 1971, or 72. 15 years old and fell in love with the blues........... ain't 15 anymore, but still love the blues paul0132